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Social Media is not my strong point...

So, it has been a year since my first (and last) blog post. Many things have changed in that time. Last summer I moved from the innati, Ohio area, specifically Hamilton, Ohio, to the Denver, Colorado area.

The cost of living here is high compared with Ohio, but is a bit cheaper than places like San Francisco, Seattle, D.C. or NYC, but pretty much I think those are the only places that are more expensive. I will admit it is a beautiful place to call home for now (until my gypsy soul sets me on a new direction whichever way the wind blows). Due to the cost of living, I was forced to return to the regular workforce. I am currently working at Naropa University (Buddhist inspired, so pretty cool in many regards). We actually start and end meetings with a bow. It may sound strange, but it really is calming and a way to mark a transition, leaving whatever what before behind and clearing your mind for the present.

Taking on a full-time job, although it means I can afford to live in my own place and eat, does take time away from my first passion which is creating. Did I mention that I love creating? If it were not for my creative outlets, I think that I might not be the happy person that I am today.

Job plus art plus the other daily tasks of life like showering, shopping, cooking, cleaning, just everything takes up time and my social media suffers....badly! I know not making time for it is like shooting myself in the foot. So, if you are ever in the Denver area, make sure to come to a First Friday Art Walk on Santa Fe and come into the Denver Art Society. My art is there all the time, but First Fridays are really great...especially that we are coming out of the pandemic. Stop by and chat me up in person...then maybe you can post some of my art on your FB or Instagram. :-)

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